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Customer Survey

Thank you for joining our customer survey. The prize will be drawn on 1st December 2017. All participants are included in the raffle. And the winner will be notified immediately (note: confidentially is ensured - personal data will note be used for any other purpose).


1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
iPhone 6 *
iPad Air *
Paperwhite 3G *
* illustration similarly


excellent good sufficient bad

How does our processing suit your demands ?

How is the accessibility of our assistants ?

When in contact with our staff, are they helpful and friendly ?

Is our pricing adequate ?

How do you rate our consulting ?

How do you rate our processing of your orders ?

How is our delivery time (adherence to delivery dates) ?

Is the technical quality of our products fitting to your technical demands ?

Are problems / claims handled to your satisfaction ?

How is the completeness of our product assortment (missing products, please mention under remarks) ?

Remarks, Proposals, Comments, ...

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