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Green solutions

VARTA Microbattery pursues a rigorous policy of sustainability in all of its corporate divisions. Our assessment of all new product developments is always based on ecological aspects, we use resources sparingly, and we have in-house environmental guidelines for selecting suppliers.

We take environmental protection very seriously. For example, we rank among the very best in the development of mercury-free button cells: VARTA Microbattery is the only vendor in the whole world to offer a complete range of environmentally-friendly NiMH rechargeable batteries for hearing aids. Our batteries are long-lasting and reliable, and virtually entirely recyclable. Customers who choose VARTA Microbattery can be sure that they are buying a product that is both excellent quality and, at the same time, green.

Our environmental management is ISO 14001 : 2004 certified. Our energy management system in line with ISO 50001 : 2011 ensures that we reduce our energy consumption in the company.