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150 employees
in the Innovation Tower

Technologies of the future

Central Research and Development division

Some 130 colleagues work in the Innovation Tower at our headquarters in Ellwangen. This central Research and Development department focuses on developing new products and optimizing existing solutions. Particular attention is paid to material and structural research, converting and storing energy (light, heat, vibration, etc.), and nanotechnologies, fuel cells, and printed batteries. We work closely with other companies and institutions to focus on next-generation specialist fields, such as fast-charge battery capabilities.

Our customers operate in highly competitive markets with short life cycles and product requirements that are becoming ever more demanding. So our innovative strength and our feeling for trends and future developments are being constantly challenged. The numerous international awards that we and our products have received over the years demonstrate just how successfully VARTA Microbattery meets these challenges.

Battery energy storage of renewable energy

24/7 storage of solar power
VARTA energy storage systems make solar power usable at any time. The compact energy storage solutions developed by VARTA Storage ensure that home-produced energy is available just when you need it. Regardless of the time of day or weather. Added to which, the integrated energy management system optimizes the utilization of the solar power: Depending on a household's requirement, it provides the power for home use, or feeds it into the grid. In raising own consumption, VARTA energy storage systems therefore make solar power even more cost efficient for individuals who own, or are thinking of buying, a photovoltaic system. The emergency power option also protects against the growing risk of power failures.

Storage of regenerative energies
VARTA energy storage systems can just as easily be fed with wind or hydro power. Here again, the advantage lies in improved cost efficiency as a result of higher own consumption. As far as the general electricity grid is concerned, VARTA energy storage systems help to balance out peaks in electricity generation and power consumption alike, without having to resort to conventional power plants to do so.

Technology expertise, excellent service
All VARTA energy storage systems without exception use lithium-ion technology developed by VARTA Storage. It is very cycle stable and space saving, and scores added points for its expected battery storage service life of 20 years. The battery management system enhances the system to ensure maximum efficiency, as well as optimizing the number of charge cycles, service life, and safety. VARTA Storage supplies everything to VARTA energy storage systems from a single source. The business unit advises customers on the choice of energy storage for their needs, and offers a comprehensive range of services.

The benefits

  • Solar power can be used all day and regardless of the weather
  • Higher degree of self-sufficiency means less affected by electricity price developments
  • Integrated emergency power option protects against possible power failures
  • Intelligent energy management system for higher own consumption and optimized solar power feed-in to the grid
  • Compact battery storage using lithium-ion technology with expected service life in excess of 20 years
  • Storage can be tailored individually to required output and capacity
  • Advice, assembly, installation and service – all from VARTA Storage
  • VARTA quality: Battery specialist with extensive experience in lithium-ion technology
  • High-tech design & electronic control in battery and energy management
  • Ecology: More efficient utilization and increased own consumption of home-produced renewable energy.