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Technology description
Batteries and configuration

Premium power one Alkaline Batteries

long running time and high reliability for your applications

Most modern mobile equipment such as MP3/CD players, digital cameras, GPS equipment, pagers, remote controls, clocks, measuring instruments, toys, torch lights and numerous other consumer devices utilise primary alkaline batteries. Each of these devices depends on a high quality powerful energy source for optimum performance. For all these device types, VARTA Microbattery offers a complete power one Alkaline range with LR03/AAA, LR 6/AA, LR14/C, LR20/D and 9V-Block type. Packaging is available in various forms designed both for OEM production and aftermarket supply all over the world. Outstanding performance, long run time, safety and reliability are the key considerations for your application. VARTA Microbattery offers all of these benefits through long and extensive global experience.

power one Alkaline, also a premium for your deviceOutstanding application is guaranteed for the electronic device designer.

Being focused on the market requirements of modern electronic devices VARTA Microbattery offers high-tech power one Alkaline batteries with the following features:

  • Long running times, at application specific discharge profiles
  • Safe & reliable
  • Low self-discharge
  • Complete type range
  • Market-oriented packaging versions


  • Thousands of battery assemblies available
  • Global design-in teams
  • High-tech application labs
  • Outstanding key account customer references
  • Worldwide branch office & distribution network
  • ISO 9001/14001


We invite you to test our batteries and our service!

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(Battery technology: Primary Alkaline Cylindrical)
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power one Alkaline Information

power one Alkaline



Used in following applications ...

  • blood pressure device

  • blood sugar indicator

  • body fat monitor

  • CD player

  • electronic game

  • flashlight

  • medical application

  • MP3 player


  • photo

  • remote control

  • sensor network

  • smoke detector

  • toy

  • walkie-talkie

  • watch (digital & analog)